Our School: Nigerian Primary School With High Success Rate

Our Curriculum

The school embarked on a curriculum reviewed to update and upgrade our academic standard in teaching the pupils and in accordance with the latest 21st century teaching to align with the Nigerian curriculum. New textbooks have been introduced and other latest instructional materials that enhance good teaching and learning. We are happy to inform you that “The Bells Crèche, Nursery & Primary (Montessori) School has a standard curriculum capable of enhancing high and quality education.
The school practices both the Traditional and Montessori Method of teaching with a blend of the Nigerian / British Curriculum.
The enrichment of our curriculum gives the children the following:
  • Broad based knowledge of their immediate environment.
  • Global mindedness
  • Practical learning
  • Ability to embrace and celebrate different culture
  • Sense of self-identity – Nigerian children who are global

Upgrading Facilities

The Bells Crèche, Nursery & Primary (Montessori) School currently has a language room and a built-up of infrastructures as part of its strategic goals. Regularly, substantial funds go into upgrading and refurbishing our buildings. We have also invested in furniture, classroom, hostel, playgrounds, sports facilities, laboratories, etc. This is a continuous process as we are determined that all our facilities and resources will be of global standards.

After – school club

The Bells Crèche, Nursery & Primary (Montessori) School is a home away from home place for children and all your worries about where to take your children to after school hours are solved!
The “After – school club” is to relief working class parents who close late from work and would not be able to pick up their children during closing hour, The school makes provision for our pupils to be in the after school club where caring teachers and guardians are ready to make them comfortable, put them through in their take home works and entertain them before the arrival of their parents.
The After School Club commences at 2:30pm to 5:30pm for parents working late till 6:00pm.


Pupils participate in excursion locally and internationally across the entire continent in the world. Recently, the school is planning a unique excursion to Liverpool during the summer holiday in July. This is an avenue to enjoy social education among our pupils and other pupils of the world.
At other local excursions, pupils also go out to visit places such as Shoprite, Museum, Whispering Palms at Badagry, Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Silver Bird Gallery, African Independent Television (AIT) and numerous interesting recreational centre.

The School Day

  • The school day commences at 7:30am with an early morning exercises and finishes at 2:30pm.
  • Lunch is taken at 1:30pm.
  • The afternoon session begins at 2:30pm for all children.

Library Upgrade

Our library is welcoming and filled with books of all genres. The library has extensive reference, Crèche and Playgroup section as well as a resources library for teachers.


We embarked upon a plan to make technology a tool in teaching, learning, administration and research throughout all the schools in The Bells system. We have spent substantial amount of money in equipping all laboratories, Internet access and computer labs for effective classroom teaching, curriculum development and teacher training. A major feature of our curriculum is the extensive use of Information and Communication Technology skills and E-learning.

Staff Training

Staff training is broad-based and ranges from technical (pedagogy and subject-specific) training to curriculum development, attitude, leadership, poise and etiquette, financial planning, ICT training and so on. The results of these have been the continuous upward improvement in staff morale, skills and attitudes.

Students Learning Center (SLC)

The newly introduced SLC is a centre for pupils having personal and emotional difficulties as well as challenges in their subject curriculum. Pupils in these categories are counseled and grouped individually where they are taught with special attention.

Reaching Out to the Community

We reach out to the community around our schools in various ways. The school visits orphanages as well as companies around and the school also maintains a close working relationship with its environs.

Talents Hunt

This is an exhibition day where all pupils show-case their talents. The school was priviledged at the last Talent Hunt Day to host prominent public figures in Nigeria; Mr. Afeez Oyetoro aka Saka of MTN and Miss Benita Okogie, who advised and encouraged pupils on creativity towards their path to achieving success.

Extra- Curricular Activities

We are passionate about education and all forms of learning. Teaching for us is the most fulfilling career. We have different types of extracurricular activities both for day pupils and boarding pupils. The activities include the following;
  • Indoor games: – such as ludo, scrabble, snake and ladder, etc.
  • Outdoor games: – these includes swinging, see-saw, slides, obstacle race, skipping, climbing of the rod, hide and seek, football, basketball, table tennis, swimming and horse riding, etc.
  • Social activities: – these include dancing, storytelling, drama, singing, quiz competition, dancing competition, debate, choreography, etc.
The activities mentioned above are practiced within the following clubs:
  • Red cross club
  • The deep thinkers club
  • The publishers club
  • Boy scout / brownie club
  • Music club
  • Young farmers club
  • Entertainers club
  • Riders club
  • Games club
  • The languages club
  • Gifted hands club
  • The readers club
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