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From the Head Boy

The-Bells is furnished with almost everything possible to make physical, mental, social and spiritual learning easier and fun-filled. It is a conducive environment having adequate number of class-rooms, Laboratories and a well equipped library

A SKILLS-AND-DEVELOPMENT program is organized to enable students practice barbing, fashion designing, auto-mechanic, plumbing and bead-making to mention a few.

Parents want their children to be great and successful in life. This can be achieved here.

From the Head Girl

The-bells is a wonderful and beautiful school. The-Bells is one school where I know that they teach for both internal and external exams well in a manner that is easy for us to excel. It is a school where a child’s dream to be successful in life can be made possible.

The-bells is a school that has zero tolerance for bullying. It is a school which every student can grow not only academically, but morally and spiritually.

It is a school I would be proud to call myself an alumnus from.

From the SRC Chairperson

Every student has a right to be comfortable in his/her school. The Bells protects and fights for the rights of its students via the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of The Bells.

The students representative council listens to the complaints of students and comes up with ideas and suggestions to make the school a better place for the students. There is a representative from every class that will be present in the meetings to forward the complaints of their classmates. These problems would then be taken to the school management to be solved.

From the Senior Day Prefect

The Bells Day School is where excellent children are raised. Here, we have a lot of things that make us unique.

We support each other and the issues that cause childhood/teenage depression are greatly reduced. This is achieved because we love each other.

We are essential fragments of the school and they excel in all areas of their academics. We go for lots of competitions and we glow in the dark!

We are trained to put God first and this makes us highly spiritual & morally upright.

The Day School is where we learn to live and then go into the world to lead and SHINE!!!

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